2nd World Cup-2005 -Latest News-india will take australia on 17 Nov. at K.D. Singh -Latest News- bangladesh will take newzealand at Chowk Stadium on 17 Nov. - Latest News- England will take Srilanka at Gomti Nagar on 17 Nov. - Latest News- South Africa will Take Pakistan at LDA Ground aliganj on 17 Nov.- -Latest News-
Participating Teams Are- India Australia Pakistan England South Africa Nepal New Zealand Sri Lanka Bangladesh

To encourage the Deaf sports for athletes with disabilities, representative of number of countries met in England in 1992 and a steering committee of international Deaf Cricket was constituted. The steering committee later decided to hold Ist world cup for Deaf Cricket in 1995 in Australia. The Victorian Deaf Cricket club volunteered to host this important international sports event on behalf of Deaf Cricket Australia. Following Seven Countries i.e. Australia, England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa participated. It was a grand success.


In addition to fostering, personal friendship and sporting ties between the countries participated in the tournament, the world cup for Deaf Cricket symbolized continuing need and importance of catering for those athletes with disabilities.


In 1995 the steering committee was transformed into International Deaf Cricket Council( I D C C ), headed by Mr. David Morris (Great Britain) as president & Mr. Steve May (Australia) as secretary. Encouraged by the grand success of 1st Deaf Cricket World Cup, the I D C C decided to hold 2nd World Cup Deaf Cricket in 1999. South Africa volunteered to organize the same. Due to certain inherent problems and various other matters the holding of 2nd World Cup 1999, faced rough weather and the same was initially postponed. But the venture could not take off and ultimately it was cancelled. With the postponement and cancellation of 2nd Deaf Cricket World cup, the International Deaf Cricket Council became nonfunctional and was ultimately dissolved.


But the lovers of Deaf Cricket sport and the people who had the interest of promoting the Deaf Cricket at the core of their heart, did not stop there. It was imperative to sit-together and activate the promotion of Deaf Cricket at the world level. Accordingly Mr. Peter Jurgenstein contacted various National Association of Deaf Cricket to organized a international delegate conference. All India Cricket Association of Deaf (AICAD) was asked to explore the possibilities of holding the same. Since lot of funds were required for organized the conference. The AICAD contacted U.P. Non Olympic Association through its President Dr. Kashmir Singh, who happened to be the Sr. Vice Chairmen of AICAD. After lot of deliberations and exchanging notes with various national Deaf Cricket Associations of the world, if was decided to hold International Delegate Conference at Lucknow, India. And finally delegates from seven countries sit-together from 23rd April to 25th April 2004 in Lucknow, India and thus DCIF came into being.